The handsome, goofy, and kind Coltrane owned and loved by Liz Austin and photographed at Flying Cow Farm in Wellington, FL.

EQUINE ART SESSION: Coltrane (Liz Austin Dressage – Wellington, FL)

Stallions are my absolute favorite to photograph. They have so much presence in addition to being totally unique individuals. Absolutely everything I present to a stallion to get their attention for shoots is a conversation and a balance between curiosity, bravery, and intelligence. “Nick” was no exception. This generously kind stallion had a kind demeanor […]

EQUINE ART SESSION: Nick of Diamond (Wellington, FL)

You know how people light up when they talk about their horse? Patti is one of those people. When I met Patti and Jagger, I was greeted with a warm hug and a bright unflappable attitude – sunshine even on the sunniest of days. And I walked away from her session having felt I might […]

BOND SESSION: Patti & Jagger (Dancer Dressage – Loxahatchee, FL)

I’m always excited to collaborate with passionate owners who have specific ideas in mind for the resulting art work in their home.  Kathryn wanted to highlight her horses – Fairytale and Gideon – in unique ways that told the story of connection between a dressage rider and their partner.  Some of the most creative ideas […]

EQUINE ART SESSION: Fairytale & Gunsmoke’s Gideon (Poinciana Farm – Wellington, FL)