KDA Breeder's Classic

July 30, 2023

All proofs/images are owned by Bethany P Photography. Screenshotting, unpaid reproduction, or any unauthorized use violates the Copyright Law of the United States of America. Violators will be subject to a $300 fee per image.

To share images with friends and family, please send them a link to your gallery located below.


• Where do we purchase prints?
Prints and digital images can be purchased inside each individual online gallery. Click the shopping cart icon to view available prints, art, and digital images.

• What is the difference between a social media digital and high resolution digital?
Social media digitals are for online display only. They are not sized for printing and WILL have a small studio logo on the image. High resolution images are large enough to print on your own and do NOT come with a studio logo on the image.

• What is the delivery time for images?
Digital images will be delivered within 72 hours of purchase. Prints will be delivered within 2 weeks of purchase.

• Can you combine galleries?
No, I am unable to combine galleries.



Thank you for supporting your horse show photographer!

The images you are about to view are UNEDITED proofs. 

All purchased images will be color corrected and appropriately cropped as shown in the example to the left. 


Unedited Proof

Final Edited