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2023 Adequan Global Dressage Festival Cover Artist

January 29, 2023


Last October I was shooting in Kentucky surrounded by gorgeous Autumn colors and beautiful horses, when I happened to check my email on my phone and saw this subject line flash on my screen:

“You are the AGDF 2023 Cover Artist!”

Shocked. I read the email at least twenty nine times.

Being only in the planning stages, I had to keep the news to myself, but I was eager to share it with my family, friends, and (most of all) my supporters. It was hard sit on such a lovely honor because this honor means a very great deal to me …



in 1996, my parents took me and my siblings to the Olympic games in Atlanta. The told us we could choose which sport we wanted to see so long as it fit our schedule. Being the horse crazy little girl from a suburban neighborhood, I chose to see equestrian events and it just so happened the only event that fit our schedule was dressage.

I was captivated.

For five hours, I sat enthralled – watching the same test over and over inside the Georgia International Horse Park. My parents and siblings were not as thrilled as I was, but I’ll never forget that day – parked right at “F” and capturing each salute from behind on my parents old camcorder.

I don’t know what happened to those hours of footage but I’d like to think that was the start of a much bigger passion.

Today, with one of my images on the cover of such a prestigious international event, it really does feel like a full circle kind of moment.

If only twelve year old me could see this.


The chosen image is a fine art portrait of Texas trainer Kristin Currie-Williams’ Hanoverian gelding “Les Paul.” Of course just before the cover came out, I called Kristin to congratulate and thank her for sharing “Gibson” with my lens.

As the cover artist, I was given a very generous space in the Global pavilion to hang my feature image. I chose to produce it as a premium framed canvas – my favorite medium my clients cherish their own images on.

Framed canvases are the most exquisite way to display any image as a piece of museum quality artwork. From the hand painted lacquer in contour with the horse to the specialty framing – each piece is unique, elegant, and show stopping as a central piece in home decor.

I plan to gift Kristin a copy of this piece at the end of the season as a thank you for the ride Gibson has taken me on.


Even after seeing my piece hanging in the gallery and seeing the cover of the program come to life, it doesn’t even compute in my brain and my heart what this really means.

Six years ago – Bethany P Photography was just a side hustle. And it’s only been possible because of the love, support, cheering, encouragement, and solid belief from others that I have arrived to where I am today.

Thank you Wellington International and Equestrian Sport Productions for the opportunity and Kristin Currie-Williams for sharing “Gibson” with my lens. He looks incredible as the cover boy!

And thank you to all my friends, family, clients, and supporters without whom this journey I’m so fortunate to travel would never happen!

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