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BRANDING SESSION: Sons of the Wind (Loxahatchee, FL)

July 1, 2023

Branding sessions for complex equestrian operations like Sons of the Wind are a real treat from a storytelling aspect. From training competition horses to sales to an on site riding school with housing – Vitor Silva and his staff handle a wide array of services at SOTW which needed to be documented for their website as well as social media. As an equine photographer, it’s my job to ensure each image appeals to an equestrian based audience and highlight a top notch program like SOTW in the most flattering yet accurate way.

A large operation with so many services can seem overwhelming to capture. A full day session like this took roughly 12 people to not only participate in the photos but prepare horses and sites for shooting. But every branding session includes a detailed planning call and a timeline to ensure all the different areas are given adequate time to capture in detail as well as keep everyone on track throughout the day.

SOTW had a few main goals to keep in mind for the shoot:

  • riding and housing facilities conveying a retreat-like atmosphere
  • elite level of instruction on talented schoolmasters
  • spotlight the individual schoolmasters
  • exceptional, world class training opportunities with Vitor Silva
  • personable portraits of staff members






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